List of conducted Sukul Bahas

Sukul Bahas is GalliGalli’s monthly discussion forum. Through these discussions, we seek to bring together a like-minded community of Nepalis to discuss and engage in issues of public concern. Each sitting of the Sukul Bahas focuses on a contemporary issue of socio-political and urbanization concern. We were centered around the following themes:

1. Free Student Union and their relation between Students and administration.

2. Taxi meter: Necessity and Reliability.

3. Massive pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

4. Vacuum of local elected body: role and performance of political parties.

5. Challenges in Maintaining Clean and Beautiful Roads in Kathmandu.

6. Problems in Public Vehicles and Measures to Address this Problem.

7. Obligation on the excavation of roads in Kathmandu and its remedies .

8. The Causes of Gas Scarcity and Measures to Address this Problem.

9. Does clean water will flow in the Kathmandu Valley?

10. Sukul Bahas on Challenges in Garbage Management.

11. Sukul Bahas on Debris Management after Earthquake in Nepal.

12. Budget Building/Implementing Process and Development.

13. The Problems Created During the Management of Water in the Kathmandu Valley.

14. Representation of women in Local Governance : Conflict or Compromise?

15. Increasing Use of Digitization and its Future.

16. Presence and Initiation of Local Bodies in the Services Provided to Squatters.

17. Consumption of Government Land : Roles of Government and People.

18. Reactions of Vehicle’s Owner and Drivers on Traffic Rules and Strict Penalty.

19. Modern Teej : Cultural or Degradation.

20. Roles of Youth on Implementation of Constitution.

21. Basic Orientation on Fundamental Rights.

22. Free Student’s Union (FSU) Election and Its Importance.

23. Air Pollution in Kathmandu Valley and Its Impacts.

24. Utilization of Health Insurance and Its Importance.